Monday, May 08, 2006

Directorate :: Director Incognita de Plume

Name: Ms Incognita de Plume.
Position: founder and director of MoD since 2006.
Location: The literal Middle of Nowhere, mid-point between Prester John’s Land and Nan Madol (see chart)
Email: Incognita[at]awebsite[dot]org

By express invitation only, thank you. Ms de Plume is an extremely busy person. If you wish to express your salutations etc, please leave a message in the space below.

PLEASE NOTE: Ms de Plume makes every effort to read and respond to as much correspondence as she can. In recognition that it may well be not humanly possible to respond in a timely fashion to the sheer volume of correspondence, Ms de Plume will, from time to time, make her thoughts and ideas known through this forum.

If you require more information about Ms de Plume, follow the links below:
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