Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Object Annex :: Phoenix Duststorm + Corn on the Cob

So a duststorm south of Phoenix on June 7th isn’t exactly breaking news, but that not what MoD’s for. And when our Ohio correspondent, Jennifer Harmon sent us the link, this footage was hot off the camera. It’s huge, spectacular, perversely lovely. Of course you have to listen to some god-awful commentator bleat on, but you can always hum loudly or turn the sound down.

See the footage on CNN’s site >>

Jennifer Harmon herself comes from Ohio and was responsible for completely transforming my opinion of America. She took photographs of a field of giant white corncobs, stretching as far as the camera could see, and posted them to her Flickr site here.* >>

Obviously that propaganda we're fed by our government about Americans having no sense of irony is a complete fabrication! As are statements disparaging their sense of scale. Instead a dream-ridden suburban poetry, as Gargantuan in ambition as it is pure in its self-reflectedness, is revealed as their authentic voice.

If you want to know more about this unique I don’t know what… Roadside America >>

*Take the time to look at Harmon’s shots from the NYC Natural History Museum whilst you’re there. They do a mean diorama.


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