Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chambre Ardente :: Friendly Faces Everywhere

It was kind of the human race to remind me why I’m glad that I’m not a member. Sometimes I feel a little left out and lonely.* But lately it’s been a positive relief not to belong to the club.*

PLUS which I recently discovered an endless supply of hugely attractive anthropomorphic individuals. Now I never have to be lonely again.*

Lifeless faces - Faces .. FACES! EVERYWHERE!!! group is a cornucopia of faces found in the environment. I can't believe that those pictoplasma people haven't already gobbled it.

* Especially now, with Inky away and not a peep from him for weeks.
* What with the endless demonstrations of the gamut of their abilities … stupid brutality through to brutal stupidity. I've got so many black ribbons stuck on me I look like a bellpull, but it doesn't seem to be making a jot of difference...
* And Inky will feel like a right goose when he comes back and discovers that I've got a whole bunch of new faces in my life.

PS I have just found another source to feed my anthropomorphia.. >>
Via neatorama >>


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pictoplasma has, about 2 years ago, put a little exhibition online called PictoParanoia.

Visit it here:

5:45 pm  
Anonymous Incognita said...

Thank you kindly stranger -- I shoulda oughta checked...

8:09 pm  
Blogger Pang said...

If you're not adverse to eating your little friends, you can always make your own.

3:34 am  
Blogger Julie said...

Great selection. The only gap in the collection is one using cogs!

7:44 pm  
Anonymous Cog said...

Actually bottom row 2nd from the left is fairly cog-ish... but you're right. We'll haave to get a research party onto it...

1:38 pm  
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