Monday, December 17, 2007

A Shrine to the Glory that WAS Intersol

Few realise that the 16th of December marks the day that the famed realm of Intersol fell to the nefarious forces brandished by the Weedking.

I have not been unaware that certain mean-spirited denizens of MY museum have murmured that I profited from Musrum’s overthrow and exile. It is true that the Iron Castle Museum was probably my only real competitor. But I feel really really bad that I accidentally left the postern door ajar, thus allowing Weedking’s forces ingress. No one regrets that mistake more than I. It breaks my heart to see the rusting remnants of the Iron Castle strewn around the grounds of Museum of Dust… especially when I consider the treasures that were destroyed or made off with in the hubbub. The clear superiority of my own museum buildings, activities and collections goes a little way towards reconciling me to Intersol’s tragic destruction.

Everything happens for a purpose.

To help us remember the glory that was Intersol, I personally, all by myself, with no help financial or otherwise from anyone thank you all so much for caring (yes, Inky you know who I mean), alone and unaided have founded the colony of New Intersol .

Sure, it’s in Greenland but that is just a hop skip and a jump away with modern transport technologies. It’s a simple life in New Intersol, but as more people visit and settle it will become the hub of modern international design.

And a great tax haven.

PS You can build your own pixel art settlement with


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear of the founding of new Intersol. I happened upon MoD during a recent random inquest for more diatom images to add to my transparency collection. (I am 'repapering' my windows to reflect the stained glass beauty of our oft neglected neighbors in the minutia. I have decided, for now, not to dress any of them as gods or saints as I hear it offends their often-atheistic tendencies.)
yet I digress....
I have added your address to my collection, somewhere between coleoptra and galagos until a more suitable place can be found.

1:48 pm  
Anonymous Major Dendrocopos said...

As someone with a deep dust interest and limited space, I wonder if the museum would be interested in housing my collection of really large dust?
Many thanks,
Major Dendrocopos

9:58 pm  
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