Monday, June 26, 2006

Chambre Ardente :: Goblin Snorri Uncovered!

If you’ve been to moD before, you’ll know that I’ve had my suspicions about a visitor that I frequently found lurking amongst the exhibits. Given the ambiguous state of relations with Musrum and what remains of his Intersol kingdom, I have plenty of reasons to be cautious so, as any reasonably cautious museum director would, I engaged a P.Eye to follow and monitor this ‘Goblin Snorri’ individual. That was weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing. I was beginning to think that the Dick had taken my money and cut and run. As it turns out, he sent a message beetle™* some days back.

I found it this morning amongst Inky’s collection.** Obviously, attracted by its intricate markings (for future reference, that was the MESSAGE Inky!), he hadn’t recognised the beetle for what it was and simply sequestered it as a prime specimen. Luckily, I recognised its unique purpose-designed shape and have spent many hours carefully pulling the preservative silk that Inky uses off it. (Again, I ask: WHERE is janitorial – or those idiots in Administration – when something needs doing? Nowhere to be found, that’s where!).

Although now that I have revealed and painstakingly decoded its message, I’m wondering if it was worth it.

According to my minion, this Goblin Snorri creature may simply be what he seems – a rather unattractive nosey trouble-making goblin. My Dick has found where he sleeps -- in some poor rube’s filing cabinet, apparently. He has followed him to numerous public gatherings, mostly of a media-related nature. The GS hides in the host-human’s satchel for the sole purpose of gathering examples of host-human behaviour that he can later cruelly mock on his blog. Actually I’m beginning to warm to the little critter…
Goblin Snorri blog here >>

Snorri is possibly the first goblin to have a blog *** – an idea that he stole from his host-human, one David Tiley who himself runs a very respected blog called Barista (heart-starter for the mind, anyone?) >>

I am wondering, however, whether this is all an elaborate cover, and have instructed the Dick to maintain surveillance until further notice. I would, of course, appreciate any further information that any member of the public can provide about this farty little lifeform.

* Note that Message Beetles are trademark MoD and a patent is pending. Any resemblance to the so-called ‘Intersol message beetle’ is entirely coincidental.

** I have found other suspect material during my attempt to bring some kind of order to Inky’s quarters… stay tuned for disturbing revelations…

*** Although there are plenty of trolls who have them, goblins have been slow off the technological mark. Perhaps because by nature they are hoarders rather than sharers?


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