Sunday, June 25, 2006

Chambre Ardente :: Picture food

Hungry…. So hungry.

I’ve been locked away in the Chambre Ardente for days whilst the staff attempt to get the resurgent sponge-cat problem under control.*

All I can think about is food.

I have one simple rule – all meals should look like someone I know (if not actually contain them…).
Bento page here >>

I’m not the only one who prefers to eat pictorial food. The Japanese – natch – have made representational eating an art-form… and then exported it.

The bento box, once banned from Japanese schools because it made social and emotional inequities between students painfully clear, has had a resurgence. And not just in Japan. The good ol’ US of A is especially full of people whose lives seem to revolve around making, documenting and consuming their bentos.*

Flickr, home of all weirdness, has groups devoted to documenting their bentos. Bento pool is just the tip of the food picture iceberg >>

Veggiekitty, who has a particularly bad case of rainbow gothness, is one of their stars >>
(Had to include this one for Inky... but Veggiekitty usually specialises in cute kittens, lambs and, of course, delicious pandas...)

PBS has a sequence of pictures of pictorial bento: OBENTO >>

* Apparently Administration would appreciate notification of any issues you might have in visiting MoD – sponge-cats have afflicted heavy damage on the source code (personally, I strongly suspect malicious sabotage), our only code-mechanic seems to have disappeared off the face of Terra Incognita, and Admin are attempting to repair things using chewing gum, baling wire and rodent skeletons… IDIOTS. (Note to self: sack the lot of them and get new staff...).

** Germans also seem prone to this form of picto-nutritional disorder. Liverwurst and sauerkraut bento….yummmmmm.