Monday, June 05, 2006

Picture Gallery :: Blue Dust + Fantozzi in Paradiso

Scoping the competition at Red Black Window >> I noted that, once again, I have been a trendsetter. Nobody used to even talk about dust, it was just swept under the carpet… but now suddenly it’s all the rage. Everyone’s got it, or is going to get it. Whatever, they all seem to want it.

I don’t think that it’s any coincidence that as soon as Museum of Dust opens, all kinds of dust multiples everywhere. Yesterday it was SmartDust… today it’s blue dust.

Although I must acknowledge a debt to RBW; a feature about ‘Shock’ >> a strangely riveting video by Alberto de Michele led me to his Park 4DTV archive of his other more or less neoStructuralist films. For my money ‘Fantozzi In Paradiso’, a speedmash of pratfalls from black & white movies, is the standout favourite (although Administration says that that’s just because schadenfreude is my favourite emotion…)

Alberto de Michele’s Park 4DTV archive >>


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