Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wunderkammer :: Swiss Bizarre

A quick entry to my hit-list. musée bizarre, the pride of Baden, Switzerland, is purportedly dedicated to two major themes. The primary theme is an exhibit that presents the pioneering techniques of Professor Jakob Pilzbarth's work in his spa clinic in Baden. Lifelike scenes illustrate his dramatic career path, his rise to success, and his eventual bitter demise from public life.

Photograph by Suzanne

The second major exhibit is simply referred to as ‘MICE MUSEUM’. This depicts the strange adventures of Otto Mouse in 22 miniature scenes. And they really are STRANGE…

I first became aware of the museum through Suzanne’s flickrsite which has a marvellous collection of images that make one hungry to see it for real.
musée bizarre is by Margaretha Dubach and Jürg Willi. It is in Oederlin-Areal, Landstrasse 1, CH-5415 Rieden/Obersiggenthal, near Baden. It is open Saturday and Sundays with special guided tours by artists on occasion (with drinks!).


Anonymous Suzanne said...

Thank you for featuring my Flickr photos in this article. Have you ever been to the museum? I go there at least twice a year and I'd be more than happy to guide you around if you're planning a visit.

Love & monkey brains,

- Suzanne

2:53 am  
Blogger Administration said...

Many apologies for the mis-presentation of your name Suzanne. That's what happens when Dir. de Plume insists on doing everything herself. Errors creep in and we have to fix them.

Unfortunately she cannot reply to your kind invitation herself (in fact we can't find her... we suspect that she's hiding in the Chambre Ardente but the door is locked so we can't be certain), however we are confident that she would accept with alacrity. Unfortunately an opportunity to take you up on it may be a long way off, Terra Incognita is a very long way from civilised climes -- and MoD is experiencing a cash-flow crisis...

3:36 pm  
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