Thursday, July 13, 2006

Picture Gallery :: Alchemical Musicians

I don't think I need to justify this acquisition, do I? Who could go past an ape-thingy with a fish up his bum and one leg on fire, playing a lobster with a wiggly blue stiff serpent-thingy bow, helped by a crow?

And then, whilst I was there, I couldn't resist this too.

Illustrations from the Aurora consurgens; more here
Manuscripts of the 15th century Aurora consurgens, sometimes attributed to Thomas Aquinas, often contain a series of 38 fine watercolour drawings. Versions of the Aurora consurgens with coloured illustrations are found in Glasgow University Library MS. Ferguson 6; Zurich Zentralbibliothek, MS. Rhenoviensis 172; Leiden, MS. Vossiani Chemici F. 29; Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, MS. Parisinus Latinus 14006; Prague, Universitni Knihovna, MS. VI. Fd. 26; Prague, Chapitre Métropolitain, MS. 1663. O. LXXIX; Berlin, Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz, MS. Germ. qu. 848.

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