Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dust of the Day :: saw dust

Despite the inhuman pressure that I and the entire Museum of Dust endeavor are currently suffering, I always think that it's important to take time out to appreciate the really important things in life.

Like dust.

MOOk is someone who understands this very well -- and then does it! Dust always looks good, but MOOk's vision has transfigured it into the realms of pure aesthetic pleasure.You'd have to say; she really sees dust.

MOOks photostream >>


Anonymous Moth Eyelids said...

Golly gosh. This is gorgeous. Gorgeous. It reminds me of being a young daydreamer in Jesus' workshop. he wasn't much of a carpenter, but get him onto the subject of saw dust and he'd singe your lashes. And it always got all caught up in his beard like many feathery leather shreds.

Which was endearing.

2:01 am  
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