Friday, June 23, 2006

Wunderkammer :: Zymoglyphic hit-listed

I have decided the time is well due past for me to add the Zymoglyphic Museum to MoD’s Wunderkammern Wing. It has taunted me for long enough with its – oh alright so they’re valid, so what? – claims to being the world's only repository for the study and display of Zymoglyphic art, artefacts, and natural history. It's a true one-of-a-kind, and certainly one of the first. It really is a must-have for the MoD collection.

And anyway, this exhibit is going too far. It’s an outright challenge to our hegemony. It’s a smack round the chops. A hoof in the canines. It flings down the gauntlet that MoD cannot but choose to run with.

Ipso facto, now it’s the prime exhibit in the world’s only collection of collections of Zymoglyphic art, artefacts, etc., etc.

At least it will be when I can get Administration to ratify my hit list. Until then it’ll have to be on the provisional hit list marked for incorporation. That’ll teach ‘em to try and muscle in on MoD’s dust territory…
Zymoglyphic Museum’s collections open to our scopophiliac appreciation >>

The exhibits are all notable, but amongst those I most covet are the Dioramas. These are used in Zymoglyphic art to illustrate myths. The land-based terrariums illustrate a cycle of birth, living, aging, death, and rebirth. The dehydrated aquariums are based on similar themes of creative fermentation in the primordial ooze.
Dioramas >>

The Rusty Palace. A disembodied doll head reigns over an undersea world of corrosion and decay.*

Bonus extras:
A look behind the scenery @ The Zymoglyphic Museum Curator's Web Log. >>
reveals gems such as Andrew Goldsworthy’s snowball paintings >>
A Traveling Crustacean Mini-diorama >>
Ferdinand Cheval and Le Palais Ideal >>

* I draw your attention to this specific diorama because it can only be understood as a direct reference to the downfall of the Iron Castle and Musrum’s unfortunate decay. I quote (Earnshaw and Thacker IBID):
“A Corrugated-Iron Castle. A Flat-Iron Castle. A Pig-Iron Castle. A Castellated-Iron Pig.

Everything in the Castle was Iron – from fluff and cobwebs to stairways and draperies – that is, with one remarkable exception: a great suit of armour in the Hall was wrought in human skin. It slept in an Iron Wardrobe.

An Iron Altar in the Chapel; perpetually exuded red rust.

Musrum forged his furniture in a Foundry hard by the Kitchen: fifty-seven iron dressing-tables; a huge iron clock which governed the daily routine of the Castle; several rather hard beds; numerous iron cushions; et cetera.”
All now scrap and rust.

What is it that the creator of this museum knows, that I don’t? I sense though, a reference to that bleeding altar, to that fountain of rust that plays at the edge of vision... (NB keep a watch on this individual and, if possible, intercept clues to relationship to Intersol).


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