Friday, July 14, 2006

Garden :: Biogeochemical power shrubs

Geoff Manaugh over at BldgBlog >> has inspired my renovations here at MoD with some very good ideas. The most recent, biogeochemical power, has obvious utility in the garden (especially since the disappointingly piffling results generated by the ‘aurora in a box’).

Essentially, and this is one of the fun aspects, all sorts of bacteria can be tortured – oops I mean ‘persuaded’ -- to grow wire-ish stalks (the scientists are calling them ‘nano-wires’) that will conduct electricity. The bacteria are starved, but taunted with the proximity of delicious metal atoms, thus forcing them to extend out their nano-wires in an attempt to snuffle them up.

Other scientists are looking into methods of coercing the lazy bacteria to become more efficient batteries. Perhaps they should just sic the Australian government onto the problem; according to them a standard AWA will fix anything.*

As Mr Manaugh suggests, it shouldn’t be too long before we can grow our own power-grid… or at least garden lighting. And if they grow they can be trained and topiaryed into interesting shapes. I’m completely open to suggestions as to what these should be…

Originally from news service >>

* Either that or social unrest and inevitable revolt…


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