Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bestiary :: Insects of Santa Barbara

I was innocently minding my own business, just poking around The Blen's collections. He has a fine collection from the Museum of Comparative Oology* – I have never seen that grand old institution shown to more advantage. And so perhaps I was thinking about acquiring it. ..

But it was scarcely fair to sideswipe me like that! I had managed not to think about Inky for hours… when suddenly I could think of thing but.

He would have so loved this fine insect display! He would certainly have urged me to acquire it, and then we would have had hours of enjoyment of it together.

But he’s been gone so long now, and I have no idea where he is or when he’ll be back. I don’t know IF he’ll be back. I don’t even know if he’s hurt or trapped or even whether he’s still alive. But I’ve also had an epiphany! I can’t just wait around, worrying, fretting and waiting. I have to take my destiny in hand and make things happen. So I have resolved two things.

1. That I have to be more active in the search for Inky. I’m going to make a missing poster and get it out there. Someone must have seen him! I’m thinking I should enlist the power of Flickr? Someone there should have an idea of how to find him?

2. And I’m going to have to look for more friends. I’ve realised that I’ve become completely dependent on Inky – I was so lonely before he came into my life. But I understand now that it is dangerous to put all your eggs on one spider, I need other fish to fry. So I’m going to start interviewing candidates for the position in my spare time.

I’ve already spotted one or two possibilities, most recently this alert, although unnervingly cheerful, fellow over here >>

The Blen’s Museum of Comparative Oology set >>
The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (the collections less graceful contemporary nomenclature) >>
* So 'oology' is actually the study of bird's eggs. What's your point?


Blogger Jim Stewart said...

If you don't mind socializing with the staff, and don't mind unnervingly cheerful, Cheeky Pete would love to be your friend!

4:19 am  
Blogger Administration said...

Frankly we're not even going to bring this suggestion to Dir. de Plume's attention. She has consistently shown her disdain for MoD employees (MoD's MoD aside), and never signs birthday cards that go around the office let alone chips in for going away gifts or even joining us for a refreshing bevvy at TGIF drinks.

And we all hate unnervingly cheerful unless it's directed at someone we want unnerved.

hmmm wqe suddenly see some possibilities here. Perhaps we SHOULD arrange for the Dir. to interview him...

11:55 am  
Blogger Director said...

You can stop sneaking around behind my back, deciding what's best for me.

As it happens, I've already looked Mr S's charming shop stewart over. That clown's a power-house! A one-man selling machine. He makes the bunch of you look like a gaggle of ineffectual gimps... retail roadkill... if he wasn't so stupidly loyal I would have hired him on in a second and sacked the lot of you. As it is, I'm too busy struggling on, making a 'Lost Inky' poster BY MYSELF WITH NO HELP, to respond to your petty taunts.

11:30 pm  
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