Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Desperately Seeking Spider :: The Campaign

It was touching really to see what the Director came up with all on her own. It just demonstrates why she employs us. No one can be expert at everything.

Of course, if she’d thought to ask our assistance, we would have happily told her about the campaign we have been planning.

First off: We have produced a poster – one that reflects the gravity of situation and presents the museum in a professional manner.

Download a printable PDF version >>

We’ve started another Flickr group in Dir. De Plume’s name. It will be used as a poster wall for any Inky sightings. We are working on producing a google map charting the sightings.* People will also be able to post their photographs of posters they have put up in their neighbourhood, and photographs proving that he’s not somewhere.
Desperately Seeking Spider Flickr >>

We have taken out advertising in several major media outlets and will also place advertisements in the ‘Personal’ columns of all the major dailies.

[Director, kindly approve the following copy]
“Desperately Seeking Spider
All is forgiven. Director frantic, museum chaotic. Return asap. No questions asked.


Anonymous Director de Plume said...

So VERY nice of you to FINALLY chip in and do something to find Inky. Though, if you ask me -- and I'm sure you won't so I'll tell you anyway -- it's too little too late. You pooh-poohed my fears in those first crucial days after he disappeared... and now he could be anywhere. Thank you so much NOT. At least now you've got with the program and we'll soon see whose poster good samaritans out there prefer...

6:12 pm  
Blogger Jim Stewart said...

Hey chief!

Could this be him? Sure is a close resemblance, and about the same age, although he seems to have a grown a couple of extra legs.

Mr. S.

1:45 pm  
Anonymous Director said...

Mr S -- you are too clever! That is indeed a sketch of our missing arachnid -- it was drawn during his years as a Cambridge academic ... and rather young and wicked he looked then too. I shall post it forthwith!

10:40 pm  
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