Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Garden :: Funghi and Slime Molds

Botony Photo of the Day has collected together photographs and information about our favorite living species... find out about Gomphus floccosus for example. It has recently been discovered -- by scientists natch -- that this genus of fungi seems to be closely related to the stinkhorns and earthstars. Daedalea quercina are named after greek inventor Daedalus, the labyrinth-maker of myth which he built to contain the minotaur of Crete. Similarly, the maze-like pattern of pores is taxonomically described as being daedaloid. Omphalotus illudens glow in the dark thanks to their production of secondary metabolites called luciferases. Hericium abietis or yellow-rot is apparently "quite delicious, with a taste reminiscent of lobster if it's properly prepared.” Coprinus comatus are autodeliquescent -- i.e they digest themselves. There are quite a few people I can think of that I wish had this special power...

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