Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wunderkammer :: Deyrolle

Deyrolle's may be the most beautiful shop in the world. For almost 170 years, this taxidermist shop, founded by naturalist Emile Deyrolle on the Rue la Bac, Saint Germaine, has served the people of Paris, catering for all their stuffing needs.

From zoos and big game hunters with their exotic and now often rare animals, to locals wanting their dead moggy restored to a semblance of life, Deyrolle believed that there was nothing that could not be stuffed. Although they do draw the line at humans... I wonder why?

The shop, most of which is hidden up un-signed stairs, also carries huge collections of insects, shells, eggs and other natural history objects. Many of the animals are theatrically posed, whilst uncollected stuffed pets abound. Deyrolle sold collections of specimens for the amateur naturalist and a wide range of teaching models for primary and secondary education. Today theu still carry a good range of wax and other models.

Part shop, all Wunderkammer, Deyrolle is paradise.

Photographs above from 'The Strangest Shop in Paris' PBase by Al Teich

Downstairs is the gardening store of the Prince Jardinier, owned by Louis Albert de Broglie. The Gardening Prince saved Deyrolle in 2001 and has now restored it.

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