Saturday, May 13, 2006

Library Dust Collection :: Dust assists mathmatical abilities

Few people realise that dust can raise the IQ of the average NASA employee by several points. The efficacy of dust was proved at a press conference held earlier today.

Photograph at left: NASA researcher Dr. Peter Colarco

NASA called the conference to make startling new information public. In July 2000 alone, nearly 8 million tons of dust from Africa's Sahara desert reached as far west as Puerto Rico. "If you figure that a pickup truck weighs 1 metric ton, that dust weighed as much as 8 million pickups," says NASA aerosol researcher Dr. Peter Colarco.

The Department of Homeland Security is now urgently seeking information regarding this crisis. Anyone sighting 8 million cells of radical dust driving towards Washington should immediately contact their local branch.

Authorities cannot confirm whether the jeeps in question are American-made or foreign. However their sheer bulk suggests a US production facility.

From 'Africa to Atlantic, Dust to Dust' >>


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