Saturday, May 13, 2006

Staff Meeting #1 :: Agenda

We have been instructed by the Director to summon you to an all-staff Meeeting to be held in the Board Room first thing Monday.

Be there at 1.30pm or your pay WILL be garnered.

Please add your Agenda Items below.


Attendance :: compulsory
Locale :: Board Room
Time :: 1.30 p.m


#1 Respecting others' skills and experience.


Blogger Director said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:36 pm  
Blogger Director said...

2. Respecting the chain of command

3. Due care and attention to detail e.g spelling

4. Staff duties (WHO didn't clean-out the sponge-kittens' quarters? hmmmm? What do we pay Janitorial for?)

5. Exhibition galleries -- what goes where.

6. Fund-raising.

2:40 pm  
Blogger MoD MoD said...

7. Medallions, ribbons and other signs of office.

8. Care, maintainance and sharpening of tacks.

9. Aquisition of NASA's stockpile of Moon dust (use of force?)

8:28 pm  
Blogger Administration said...

10. Complying with new Govt. regulations -- Steering Committee

11:15 pm  
Blogger Director said...

11. Correct labeling

11:17 pm  
Blogger Administration said...

12. Sponge-cat crisis

13. Building program update

2:29 pm  
Blogger Director said...

14. Exhibition program -- who decides

2:33 pm  

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