Monday, July 17, 2006

Bestiary :: The Importance of Being Er...

The good folk at Neatorama >> drew my attention to the recent birth of a two-faced kitten. This event is not only significant because of its rarity – after all how often does one come across a mendacious kitten, let alone one so corrupt so young? Double-dealing colleagues? Yes, frequently. Lying employees? Often. Deep-cover agent provocateurs? More common than you may suppose. I myself trust no one around me as a matter of both policy and commonsense. But I always thought that kittens were the very definition of guilelessness.


Erm. Admin just showed me a picture of the kitten. It ACTUALLY has two faces. Two mouths that mew in unison. Two Noses. And four eyes and ears. As you can see here.

Original (brain-challenged) Story >>

I shall certainly put in a bid for it. If it lives, it will make a fine companion for Cereberus. If it dies I shall commission bespoke taxidermist, Sarina Brewer, to preserve it for us.

And we will never mention my slight misunderstanding again.

<< CUSTOM CREATURE TAXIDERMY ARTS Image on the left from 'Pickled Pets' (I was just trying to include one view, but the whole strip came up -- a special bonus!)


Blogger Jim Stewart said...

Possibly a complementary event to the cyclopean kitten that was born some months ago. It is now a sort of negative spokesmodel for a creationist museum, apparently as (formerly) living proof that there are no good mutations.

Hopefully the MoD will provide a better fate for this one!

2:34 am  
Anonymous Cog said...

Mr S, that is possibly one of the most disturbing things that I have seen. And I have a pretty firm handle on 'disturbing.' As someone with first hand experience of the results of the Weedking's continuing battle for conceptual supremacy, I have a more than passing acquaintance with the atrocities occasioned by a-rational belief systems.

Would it be possible to mount a rescue mission?

Where are Inky's landmimes when you need one?

Or several thousand?

2:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

3:53 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:57 pm  

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