Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wunderkammer :: MJT Collected!

from Tell it to the Bees

I’ve always had a very simple policy for dealing with the Museum of Jurassic Technology… namely to pretend that it doesn’t exist. So monolithic does it loom on the horizon, so firmly does it maintain its role as the grandparent of all modern fictocryptic establishments that it seems, even to me, a trifle disrespectful to take it on.

But tough times call for tough measures.

Attendance figures have been dropping steadily and we need a blockbuster to woo the punters back. I’m afraid that many lost confidence with our last spongecat outage and Inky’s continuing disappearance can’t help but sow doubts in the minds of even our most loyal supporters. We need to show that we’re rock solid, and what better way to do this than to annexe the most reputable collections to our own galleries?

from Through the Eye of a Needle

So Mr Wilson’s very prestigious establishment has to sacrifice its independence. This is a coup for me*, and a great day for the Museum. Finally, MoD can revel in the classics such as the microminiatures of Hagop Sandaljian, The Stink Ant of the Cameroon, the Deprong Mori of the Tripiscum Plateau, Fruit Stone Carving and the Horn of Mary Davis of Saughall. Every single thing about the MJT is as delicious as its mice on toast display. And possibly never more so than in the photographs, taken in situ, by MoD contributor Mr B. These photographs, miracles of mystery, re-kindled my lust for acquisition and my passion for larceny.

Mary Davis of Saughall's Horn

Museum Of Jurassic Technology >>
Listen to a doco about MJT by Laurence Weschler or read the transcript >>

The Museum of Jurassic Technology, founded by David and Diana Wilson in 1989, is located at 9341 Venice Boulevard, in the Palms district of Los Angeles, California, USA. A small branch of the museum is located inside the Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum in Hagen, Germany.
Factual information from Wikipedia >>
eyestorm - article - The Museum of Jurassic Technology by Ralph Rugoff >>

See more of The Blen a.k.a Mr B's MJT Set >>
Or his photostream >>
* Perhaps those whining white-anters in Administration will now FINALLY lay-off their complaining about the obscure nature of some of my recent acquisitions. Like most bureaucrats, they don't realise the worth of something until someone else -- and preferably someone with a bad suit and premature interjection -- tells them it's good. So because they've all heard about MJT and it has been extensively covered in the media etc etc they think that it's important. Not that it isn't. But my point is, if it didn't suck up all the media attention it can get, Admin would right now be writing it off as just as another vanity exercise... and be on my case about the expense. And whether there's space for it. And who's going to dust it. Etc etc etc ad bleeding nauseum...



Blogger Jim Stewart said...

"Fictocryptic establishments"! I like it! And my sympathies to Mr. Wilson on being "acquired" as he likely does not know what hit him.

By the way, someone has been leaving a lot of webby stuff around the Zymoglyphic Museum. Could it be Inky, and is he preparing to cart the museum away?

5:56 am  
Anonymous Cog said...

How very nice of you to drop by, Mr. S! To be perfectly honest, I've been keeping an eye on your august establishment just in case Inky HAD decided to use it as a bolt hole. It's the kind of place that he loves. I was wondering if you could check inside the caddis cases for me? They are exactly the sort of modest, yet stylish, domicile that Inky would choose.

I would also appreciate it if you didn't clear away the webs too soon -- even if he's not using them know, I'm sure that he'll be back for them later.

2:02 pm  
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