Monday, October 02, 2006

Dust Today :: Derawar Fort

I have started looking very hard at strong defensive structures. It seems likely we're going to need one if those evil RoTters follow through with their dastartedly threats of invasion.

I have found much inspiration in Derawar Fort in the Cholistan Desert in Bahawalpur, beautifully photographed here by Yousaf FAYYAZ >>


Anonymous anonymous said...

first of all, you invaded us... that's what the u.s. alien invasion was all about.

second of all... we've already invaded you. That's what the fried spiders was about. We just have got you yet.

but we will (evil laugh)

5:59 am  
Anonymous "to the dust ye shall return" said...

3:49 pm  
Anonymous the light said...


3:51 pm  
Anonymous Viagra Online said...

That is one of the most wonderful deserts in the world, so I think that in this kind of places we can find a lot of archeological pieces to the museums... excellent picture!!

3:32 am  
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