Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Staff :: Administration

I have been ordered by Dir. de Plume to introduce myself. She believes that people are more likely to come to a museum where they feel they know the personnel. She believes that they will attain this feeling of intimacy by looking at photographs of the staff and reading irrelevant details about them. As she has pointed out, who am I to argue? Although, just between you and me, I suspect that she is just trying to camouflage her own desire for recognition.

I am the Head of the Administration, the department that does all the real work around the MoD. I head up a small but perfectly formed team including exhibition management, marketing, design, and public programs. Without us there would be no museum.

Which makes the paltry nature of our remuneration even more derisive.

Once the museum gets past its official opening, things are going to change. We know where the secrets -- not to mention corpses -- are buried.

AND we know what happened in the Iron Castle.

Dir. de Plume is going to find that if she doesn't appreciate and respect our unstinting efforts, that there are others who will.


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