Saturday, May 20, 2006

Staff meeting update

Sorry we couldn’t make it to the meeting. I went to sleep in a matchbox and someone shut the lid (Cog?). So what’s happening?


Blogger Janitorial Services said...

Janitorial says: It was our belief that the sponge cats had been taken over by the Ministry of Defence.

12:41 am  
Anonymous ModMod said...

We accepted responsibility for the sponge cats as part of a strategic initiative insofar as they could be deemed materiel. However, our plans for a thermonuclear-powered, steam-driven, pneumatic cat-launcher have met with some difficulties. Thusly, we refuse to accept any responsibility. We suggest you develop a group to specialise in animal husbandry.

12:45 am  
Blogger Janitorial Services said...

Please don’t tell us our business. Staff have suggested implementing a strategic plan of dusting within the museum.

12:45 am  
Anonymous ModMod said...

That would be a threat if you weren’t so hopeless. WE know where you live! You touch the dust you die! Our cat-launcher will be ready soon so shut up and get on with your lives!

12:46 am  
Blogger Administration said...

Quieten down all of you! do you want HER to hear.

If she knows that you're about and have time for squabbling, she'll make us attend that staff meeting.

And you know what that means.

As it is, I've reminded her of her legal obligations and that has slowed her down a little.

It would be a terrible thing if SOMEONE were to let slip anything about hr involvement in the Musrum episode to the police.

11:26 am  

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