Monday, October 09, 2006

Daily Dust :: _DSC1870

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Finance Minister Ivo* has drawn my attention to the inherent maintenance problems associated with large-scale use of platonic solids so I have been casting around for some fresh but thrifty defensive ideas. Eventually, whilst scouring the Flickr fields, I stumbled across this one.

Water dust!* (Aka _DSC1870 in the armaments industry.) What could be more appropriate? More elegant? Or cheaper?

We’ll lay it down over the platonic solids/buckyball substratum, thus protecting these layers and ensuring that they last longer, whilst also providing a deceptively smooth surface over the treacherous avalanche-just-waiting–to-happen underneath... an excellent new obstacle for the RoTten forces to contend with.

* Who? What? When? I wonder whether Administration was ever going to tell me about this appointment…
* I also like the addition of those sticky sticks and NOT just because they remind me of my second-favourite joke. It is a little-known but entirely incontestable fact that Ultramen are deeply deeply terrified of sticks in all their forms.