Monday, November 06, 2006

Picture Gallery :: Nice Monster

In between chess games, I’ve been applying myself to extending our Picture Gallery collection.* After all, whilst I'm waiting for the fleet to return with the real Khan, I have a responsibility to keep things going here.

Most recently I have added the improving allegories of Russian artist, Eugene Artsebasov. I consider this to be an almost educational addition to our collection. For example I have learnt an awful lot about the importance of self-promotion from the image below.

See many more at Mote’s Silly Pictures >>
Via the ever tasty Barista >>

*At least somebody has their eye on the main game around here! We can't all moon about dreaming of war (...can we, Administration?). Hello! We’re a museum! Our foremost duty is to collecting things, not get stuck in a conflict that we neither started nor sought.


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