Monday, November 13, 2006

Schadenfreude for Beginners

Why doesn’t someone tell me when things are happening? I duck into the Chambre Ardente to work on one or two new exhibits for the museum and, whilst I’m not looking, our entire involvement with the search for the Khan takes a new turn!

Not to mention even more suspicion falls upon the squalid head of Janitorial…

Anyway, I’m hellishly busy and have just popped out to show you our new acquisitions. I will address our inter-museum communications failures when I have a spare moment.

First up: Essential items for the American Republican Party (although I think Tony Blair and John Howard will also find a need for these in the very near future…). Our hearts, of course, bleed for the crippled incumbent, so I’ve put a lot of time and effort into searching out objects and art appropriate to his condition. Luckily, all my needs were met by We make Money Not Art.

She has accumulated a wealth of auto-extinction aids that not only symbolise the condition of the Uber-Right (I’m thinking the suicidebot 'Coke is It'
here – an appealing little critter whose fuel-source is also the cause of its eventual crippling then extinction), but also offer them a way to extricate themselves… my personal fave is an oldy but a goldy – Dutch artist Peter Engel’s ENIO -- with its ‘male’ (pictured) and ‘female’ options.

There are more contemporary projects updating the territory – Christine Liu’s interactive clothing project, Mollycoddle, for example, might stand as a metaphor for the electoral process generally – if its demands for attention are ignored it progressively tightens, eventually crushing the wearer to death…

We make Money Not Art >>
Christine Liu >>


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